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Kira B

Kira B.

  • Yelp

I have had nothing but pleasant experiences here!! I decided I wanted invisalign a little over a year ago because I never wore my retainers after finishing braces! The whole process was super nice and Dr. Masaki was awesome with letting me move at my own pace while still reminding me to stay on track with my trays! Just finished up my treatment & picked up my retainers this week. :)

Noelle W

Noelle W.

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I’m so pleased with my Invisalign results! Dr. Masaki was very efficient and great all the way through. Her staff was always helpful and flexible in planning appointments. Thank you so much!

Deidrick C

Deidrick C.

  • Yelp

I was referred to this doctor by a close friend of mine. My consultation was very excellent as the staff were very friendly and definitely enforced safety precautions. During my visit, Dr. Masaki went over my options and walked me through the process of getting braces. I'm excited for my follow up as the next time I see them is when I get my braces on. A big mahalo to Dr. Masaki and her team for making me feel comfortable, especially with something that has always been a concern/insecurity of mine. I definitely recommend coming here if you or a loved one is considering getting braces/Invisalign etc.
Other notable features I noticed were the COVID-19 precautions. All the areas were separated from each other and the room itself was very clean and tidy. At the door I was greeted by Kotone and she took my temperature with a infrared thermometer. They also advise you to sanitize before walking in. Their waiting area was also tidy. Walking into the exam room they gave me mouthwash to rinse for a minute. Overall service was amazing and exceeded covid-19 guidelines.

Kealohi D

Kealohi D.

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Dr. Masaki and her staff are amazing! Dr. Masaki did an excellent job on fixing my teeth, she is a perfectionist! When I walk into the office it brightens my day because the staff greets you with a genuine smile and everything is neat, I also love the decor. My mom thinks the same and got her braces a couple weeks after I got my braces off. If you’re looking for a professional, friendly orthodontist to go to, I highly recommend Dr. Katherine Masaki!

Jeanne G

Jeanne G.

  • Yelp

Dr. Masaki & her team are super nice! Went in today for a consult and everyone made me feel so welcome. She showed me my options and reminded me to think about everything I needed to consider. She also emphasized she wants me to get what I want, that'll make me happy. She weighed in on the different I guess you can say "pros and cons" for my options, and I was able to decide quickly with her help. I definitely recommend going to her! 100/10!
Also, the parking is a covered garage and there were multiple stalls I saw available (my appointment was 10am) so parking was really easy. The elevators take you up to her floor and there's a sanitizing station right when you exit the elevators. They also validate so remember to bring your ticket up with you!
A big mahalo to Dr. Masaki & her team!! You guys are the best!


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